About Kevin Hollowed

My name is Kevin Hollowed and I am the owner of NIVEKTOOLS and the creator of the Mortar Joint Gauge.

I have been in the building trade for over forty years now, both on site and in the private sector. In that time I have seen many changes in the way thing's are done in my industry and the tools that have been invented to make the job easier faster and more efficient in all trades apart from the bricklaying trade.

Typically, building a wall, you start with building a corner.

This is where you get your levels from for each course of bricks, you lay needs to be measured to give you a 10mm bed. As you build the courses you measure to keep to the gauge, with the new Mortar Joint Gauge Tool you just set the gauging rod to the required gauge and you will automatically get a perfect bed joint to each course.

The MORTAR JOINT GAUGE from Nivek Tools

A simple revolutionary bricklayers mortar gauging tool for the professional and DIY Bricklayer.

No more measuring as the new Mortar Joint Gauge Tool adjusts to suit any standard brick or block work, BUY ONLINE Today.

Featured in Professional Builder

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November 2017 issue of Professional Builder.